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Jessika's Paper Supply
Basket full of watercolor paint tubes, paper, and colorful pens.

Get Creative

Shop handmade stationery for your next project!

You never know what design, color, or shape is ​coming out of the studio so check frequently to ​see what’s in stock!

Our handmade paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is hand-pulled sheet by sheet in our studio in northeast Ohio. Our sheets come in various sizes with soft, deckled edges. Every sheet varies slightly, with various specks from the paper's history.

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Sun Moon Apparel

Bridgeport, WV

The Airstream Boutique

Mineral City, Ohio

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Have a shop? Let's fill it with handmade paper!

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The Print Shop

The Print Shop

Lined Gradient Printer

Let’s collaborate and create your next print run ​as unique as your art. Having your art printed ​on handmade paper adds texture that makes it ​feel like people have the original!

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